2011 Regional Arts Exhibition Selected Artists

Award Presentations for the 2011 Regional Arts Exhibition will take place
on Calder Stage on Saturday, June 4 at 6:00pm.

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Thank you to all the artists who contributed. Here are the
artists and the work that will be exhibited:

 Artist Entry# Title Media Value and Awards
Carlos Aceves #632 Break in Case of Emergency Mix Purchase/Value: $1200
Lisa Ambrose #258 Repose of an Established Habit Oil on Board Purchase/Value: $3800
Lisa Ambrose #259 Befuddlement Batik on silk $250 Maria Aguilar Memorial Award given by Her Family
Purchase/Value: $1000
John Smith and Scott Fles #282 Up Up and Away Wood Ron denBroeder Memorial Woodturning Award - $200
Purchase/Value: $2300
Mary Andersen #305 Edge of the Dunes oil Purchase/Value: $1300
Jan Andre #443 Pears for Isaac Acrylic Purchase/Value: $200  •Sold
Lynn Arnold #283 Chickens on Parnell Oil Purchase/Value: $375  •Sold
Paul Asselin #385 Frosted Window B&W Photography Purchase/Value: $350
Paul Asselin #386 Eagle Harbor Yacht Club hand colored b&w photography LRC Ltd.Committee Award - $100
Purchase/Value: $325  •Sold
Paul Asselin #387 Inversion b&w photography Purchase/Value: $325
Douglas Baker #262 Days Go By Mixed Media Purchase/Value: $400
Maggie Bandstra #85 Trees in the Landscape Clay Not For Sale
Maggie Bandstra #86 Dragon Fly Vase Clay Purchase/Value: $120  •Sold
Diann Bartnick #589 3 Hearts mosiac Purchase/Value: $350
Margaret Benefiel #294 Interior Scene gouache, pen and colored pencil Purchase/Value: $350
Pamela Benjamin #99 proliferation glass Purchase/Value: $160
Theodore Bergin #415 Goodbye? photography Purchase/Value: $250
Theodore Bergin #416 Home (for now) photography Purchase/Value: $250
Connor Bergin #419 Giraffe colored pencil Not For Sale
Mark Bird #501 Clara Oil Not For Sale
Mark Bird #502 King Dog Mixed Purchase/Value: $700
Holly De Garmol and BJ Leeuw #404 Dream Series: Journey Photograph Purchase/Value: $350
Holly De Garmol and BJ Leeuw #406 Dream Series: Aspiration photograph Purchase/Value: $350
Robyn Bomhof #234 Continental Shift B Oil Purchase/Value: $500
Reed Bordeaux #437 Done Fishin' Digital Not For Sale
CJ Brander #55 Forest Floor Watercolor on Yupo Purchase/Value: $550
Alice Breese #173 Ethereal Pigmented Pulp Painting on Handmade Paper Purchase/Value: $1000
H. Nikki Briggs #414 Family wire, handmade paper, dyes Award in Memory of Dr. Gene & June Sevensma and Jack & Kay Barendse - $100
Purchase/Value: $995  •Sold
Randy Bronkema #313 Carolina Dusk Photography Purchase/Value: $150  •Sold
Randy Bronkema #314 Idle Industries Photography Purchase/Value: $150
Randy Bronkema #315 Winter Maple Grove Photography Purchase/Value: $150
Lee S. Brown #19 x-box wood,enamel,wax Purchase/Value: $3500
Mike Bryant #6 Ceremonial Cauldron Raku Purchase/Value: $200
Geoff Burd #139 Ice in the Grand River (The Blue Bridge) Acrylic/Canvas Not For Sale
Margo Burian #52 Floral #6 Oil on Canvas Purchase/Value: $650
Margo Burian #53 Daisies in a Vase Oil on Canvas Van Maarseveen/Timermanis Award - $200
Purchase/Value: $995
Nona Bushman #175 Revelation 21 silver, gold, copper, precious & semi-precious stones Purchase/Value: $16000
Nona Bushman #176 Confetti sterling silver & banded agate Purchase/Value: $650
Nona Bushman #177 Nona sterling silver & bi-metal (18k gold plating on sterling silver) Not For Sale
Ronald G. Campbell #484 Recovered Ruins Turned Wood Purchase/Value: $1200
Mary Carter #138 Tiny Dancers Mixed Water Media with Graphite and Found Image Purchase/Value: $375
Bill Chardon #445 Shattered Dreams Photography LOMA Award by Lois & Matt Tomasiewicz - $250
Purchase/Value: $375
Bill Chardon #446 Gene Photography Purchase/Value: $300
Bill Chardon #447 Portland Head Light Photography Purchase/Value: $260
Barbara A Chavez #322 Card Player Acrylic Purchase/Value: $800
Nancy Clouse #163 Ground Cover Oil Paint Purchase/Value: $500
Michael Cook #467 Intoxication Archival Pigment Print Not For Sale
Michael Cook #468 24/7 Archival Pigment Print Not For Sale
Lane Cooper #256 Silver Blooms Sculpture The La Vie de la Rose Flower Essences Award for Excellence in Floral Depiction - Any Medium - Purchase Award #1
Purchase/Value: $400  •Sold
Lane Cooper #257 John Deere Crawler Sculpture Purchase/Value: $500
Nancy Cuncannan #208 Silver Balloon digital inkjet print Purchase/Value: $150
Lynn Delvin #102 Great Grey graphite Not For Sale
Cheryl DenBoer #156 Bound by Tradition Collage S.H.E Foundation Award for the Depiction of the Feminine
Purchase/Value: $550
Peggy DePersia #630 9x12: A Memoir Drawing Purchase/Value: $1600
Diane Deremo #236 Nothing Gold Pastel Purchase/Value: $300
Lisa Dionne #75 Acrobats Welded Painted Steel Purchase/Value: $210  •Sold
Keith A. Downie #238 It's Mourning in America Acrylic on Canvas Purchase/Value: $2500
R.E. Ducker #212 Fall in Black and White graphite Purchase/Value: $500
R.E. Ducker #213 Familial Love Oil Paint Purchase/Value: $150
Tamara Dykhouse #181 The Colors of Spring Wool-Needle Felting Purchase/Value: $240  •Sold
Maria Farias #298 Underground Street Acrylic/Mixed media Purchase/Value: $700
Lindsay Fisher #426 Tribute to the Midriff nickle silver, fabric Purchase/Value: $800
Lindsay Fisher #427 Untitled 1 - Ode to my 1st Love Series bronze, bones Purchase/Value: $350
Lindsay Fisher #428 Untitled 2 - Ode to my 1st Love Series copper, found objects festival Juror Award - $100
Purchase/Value: $500
Kathleen Ford #334 Griz the Wench Watercolor Collage Purchase/Value: $625
Ken Foster #22 Floor Matt#2 mixed Purchase/Value: $475
Tracy May Fouts #592 When One Door Shuts Another Door Opens giclee print Purchase/Value: $100  •Sold
Tracy May Fouts #594 Hope Remains for Furniture City giclee print Purchase/Value: $100  •Sold
Lee Ann Frame #473 End of Lake Street Etching Vinecroft Studios Award - $100
Purchase/Value: $600
Jacqueline M. Garner #455 Thanksgiving 2009 Tunnel Book Purchase/Value: $150
Jacqueline M. Garner #456 Untitled 2011 Ultrachrome Print Purchase/Value: $135
Eleanor Gatewood #528 Plant Lives Mixed Media on Plywood Purchase/Value: $50
Eric German #383 Tiny World with Clouds but no Rainbows :( Pen on Paper Purchase/Value: $950
Richard Gibson #403 Silk Waiting print aquatint Purchase/Value: $260
Kimberly Grace Gill #292 Alex mixed media Purchase/Value: $650
Joe Goeldel #538 A Glimpse of Passing Swallows Digital/Color Photoprint Purchase/Value: $475
Randall A. Goronowich #58 Lighter Than photography Austin Goodlin Live Now Award - $100
Purchase/Value: $420
Randall A. Goronowich #59 Grass Tree Wigs photography Purchase/Value: $420
Wanda Gringhuis Anderson #316 The Year of the Dragon Recycled Objects Assemblage Purchase/Value: $1200
Alynn Guerra #628 Night Fall Block Print Second Generation of Festival Award - $100
Purchase/Value: $320  •Sold
Alynn Guerra #629 Give, Take & Let Go Block Print Frank and Andrea Schwarz Memorial Award $150
Purchase/Value: $180  •Sold
Mary Harberts #489 Canyon Mist Photography Purchase/Value: $300  •Sold
Kathy Harris #365 Hoffmaster-Waiting Pastel Purchase/Value: $250  •Sold
Cathy Haverdink #408 Untitled glass Purchase/Value: $450
Cathy Haverdink #409 Precious Find photography Purchase/Value: $150
Thomas Hegewald #351 Crooked Tree Infrared Photography Purchase/Value: $300
Thomas Hegewald #352 Circle of Trees Infrared Photography Purchase/Value: $300
Thomas Hegewald #353 The Morning After Infrared Photography Purchase/Value: $300
Elizabeth Hertl #402 Head #2 plaster, platic bag, latex paint Purchase/Value: $250
Marianna Heule #90 Bicycle Chat Pastel Purchase/Value: $450  •Sold
Jack Hillman #130 Looking Higher Steel Purchase/Value: $605
Jack Hillman #132 Skimming Steel Purchase/Value: $645
Karen Hoekstra #400 Living Temple fiber $200 Vandenberg Jewelers Award
Purchase/Value: $750
Karen Hoekstra #401 Personal Earthquakes fiber and paint Purchase/Value: $825
Joel Howell #625 Overtake Found Object, Mixed Media, Spray Paint festival Juror Award - $500
Purchase/Value: $420  •Sold
Joel Howell #626 Three Sixty Found Object, Mixed Media, Spray Paint Wieringa Conover Mixed Media Award $100
Purchase/Value: $240  •Sold
David Huang #87 Luminosity #884 Copper, Sterling Silver, 23-Karat Gold Leaf Purchase/Value: $460
David Huang #88 Lustrous Contours #887 Copper, Sterling Silver, 23-Karat Gold Leaf Purchase/Value: $1250
David Huang #89 Luminous Relic #913 Fine Silver, 23-Karat Gold Leaf Purchase/Value: $2000
Steven Huyser-Honig #200 Standing Wave Photograph Purchase/Value: $225
Steven Huyser-Honig #201 Sandbar Photograph Purchase/Value: $225
Steven Huyser-Honig #202 Duck Lake Impression photograph Purchase/Value: $225
John Hyatt #411 Bridge Steel digital photo Not For Sale
John Hyatt #412 A Way Out ... digital photo Not For Sale
John Hyatt #413 Urban Thaw digital photo Not For Sale
James Johnson #149 The Gables in October W.C. Purchase/Value: $700
Donald Leigh Karel #178 "Sunday Morning: Thornapple River" Cyanotype J.Russell Award for Photographic Excellence - $250
Purchase/Value: $300
Donald Leigh Karel #179 "Looking at the Grand River" Hand-Colored Silver Gelatin Print Purchase/Value: $400
Donald Leigh Karel #180 "Winter Solitude: Holland" Hand-Colored Silver Gelatin Print Purchase/Value: $400
Justin Kellner #543 Autumn Success Acrylic on Canvas Purchase/Value: $675
Karri Klawiter #209 Abiding Photography Purchase/Value: $100
Karri Klawiter #210 Silenced Disenchantment Photography Purchase/Value: $150  •Sold
Karri Klawiter #211 Back When Photography Purchase/Value: $100
Megan Klco #507 The Abrupt Edge Oil on Canvas Warner Norcross & Judd LLP Purchase Award
Purchase/Value: $700  •Sold
Megan Klco #508 Fulton Oil on Canvas Miller Johnson Purchase Award
Purchase/Value: $600  •Sold
Rebecca Klobucher #384 Lush Life 49 Acrylic Ink on Canvas Purchase/Value: $3800
James Lacroix #199 Grandpa Bob Photograph Purchase/Value: $800
Carol Laurn #151 Temptress Pastel Purchase/Value: $600
Robert Lee #36 she was always attracted to the Bad Boys photography Purchase/Value: $125  •Sold
Robert Lee #37 the morning after photography festival Juror Award - $100
Purchase/Value: $125  •Sold
Robert Lee #38 Mt. Hood, after the storm photography Purchase/Value: $125
Nancy Liszewski #512 Passing Beauties Pastel Purchase/Value: $450
Sue Lockwood #506 Bailey Drive Oil Pastel Purchase/Value: $400
Patrick Maguire #358 Wealthy Street Gas Station Oil on Canvas LOMA Award by Lois & Matt Tomasiewicz Award - $250
Purchase/Value: $6000
Patrick Maguire #359 Cass Corridor Building One Oil on Canvas Festival Juror Award - $100
Purchase/Value: $3000  •Sold
Shannon Maisel #432 Monkey oil on panel Purchase/Value: $70  •Sold
Shannon Maisel #577 Dian Fossey oil on panel Purchase/Value: $300
Jim Markle #61 Early Evening on the Dune Pastel Purchase/Value: $495
Art Martin #18 Cabinet Landscape:GR Intersection Oil on Canvas Purchase/Value: $450
Taylor Mazer #464 Tree Number Two Pen and Ink Purchase/Value: $240
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